Meg Mason is a Sydney-based journalist and author. She has written for the Financial Times, The Times, GQ, the Sydney Morning Herald, the British Medical Journal, Russh, Grazia and Cosmopolitan. She writes regularly for ELLE, Stellar and InsideOut. She is the author of two books, Say It Again in a Nice Voice, released in 2012, and her first novel You Be Mother, published in August 2017.

You Be Mother

"A warm, funny and totally endearing novel about families – the ones we have, and the ones we want – and the stories we tell ourselves about them."
– Harper Collins

"Rare and delightful ... a beautifully crafted novel about female relationships."
– Clare Press, fashion editor-at-large, MarieClaire, author of Wardrobe Crisis

"The kind of book you pick up...and never want to put down ... you will fall in love with this book."
– Lauren Sams, author of Crazy, Busy, Guilty and She's Having Her Baby.

Sydney Morning Herald review

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Say It Again in a Nice Voice

"Meg Mason’s approach to parenting is refreshing and hilarious. Thanks to a kindly neighbour, Meg discovered that convincing her newborn to take a bottle by letting it lick a Dorito first to ‘get more thirsty’ wasn’t quite orthodox. I like her already. If you’ve ever questioned your own skills as a mother, Say It Again in a Nice Voice will put everything nicely into perspective."
– Vogue Australia

"... hilarious and beautifully honest. If you don’t break into audible giggles at least once while you’re reading it, better check your pulse."
– SHOP Til You Drop

Sydney Morning Herald review

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