Meg Mason is a Sydney-based journalist and author. She has written for the Financial Times, The Times, GQ, the Sydney Morning Herald, the British Medical Journal, Russh, Grazia and Cosmopolitan. She writes regularly for ELLE, Stellar and InsideOut. She is the author of two books, Say It Again in a Nice Voice, released in 2012, and her first novel You Be Mother, published in August 2017.



To describe yourself as a “humourist” at parties is worse even than “social media influencer and model.” Both times Meg has done it, she saw scepticism in her enquirer's eye, a look that said I'll be the judge of that.

More often, Meg describes herself as journalist, which is objectively true. She writes monthly for ELLE, is the Ask Megsy columnist for InsideOut and was GQ’s female-affairs correspondent for five years. Her career began the Financial Times and The Times of London, and her work has since appeared in the The New Yorker, The Sydney Morning HeraldStellarRusshGrazia and Cosmopolitan. She has also served as the managing editor of Sunday magazine.

Her first book, a memoir of motherhood called Say It Again in a Nice Voice (HarperCollins) was published in 2012. Better Homes & Gardens called it “achingly funny.” Rosemary on GoodReads returned it to the library after the first few pages, feeling "no regret," and eventually awarded it two out of a possible five stars.

Her second book, a novel called You Be Mother (HarperCollins) is published in August 2017. Meg keenly awaits Rosemary’s thoughts.



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